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Social media

Not just for special offers

There's no arguing - businesses must have a social media presence to get noticed.

But a bad social media presence is worse than none. It makes you look unreliable, untrustworthy, and leaves customers looking for an alternative.

That's why we'll take the creation of ideas, content, scheduling and community engagement completely off of your hands to ensure your customers can find what they want, when they want, and where they want to see it.

As a builders merchant your suppliers may prefer to use platforms such as LinkedIn, as will your larger customers but the smaller builder will more likely refer to Facebook for their social media feeds which is why, when we post your articles, we automatically post across all the leading platforms.

Press relations

Building a name in the community

Your local customers and community are important for the growth of your business, so getting in front of them is key.

We will submit well-crafted, relevant, and inspirational articles to the local press to build awareness of your business and branches, maintain a positive public image, and support your digital marketing efforts.

Typically, we will report on your events, company updates and stories to create a picture of your company that customers want to champion.

Your online presence

What do your customers see?

Is your website easy to find online? 


Does it show up in a local area search? Or are your competitors taking over?

Is your new e-commerce platform failing to perform?

We love a good website, we know how to build them, and how to maintain them, keeping them fresh and current.

We'll take over the headache of search engine optimisation and advise on areas of improvement to increase contact form submissions - we can even tell you who has been looking at your site and even which parts they like and dislike.

We will, working alongside your e-commerce provider help to get you in front of as many customers as possible – and even assist with content and design, if applicable.

Commitment marketing

Is your investment making an impact?

If part of your business includes tendering for large contracts, we'll create proposals that impress buyers, track engagement and close deals faster.


We can help you weed out the serious buyer from the time wasters and cost comparison junkies – enabling your sales team to concentrate on the more likely contracts.

If this isn't applicable, we'll use technology to find the underlying issues that may be causing frustrations in your customer journey, via heatmaps, live visit recordings, and website visitor identification.

By understanding what your customers are looking at on your website, and what content is resonating. we'll enable your sales team to capitalize on every B2B sales opportunity.

Performance measurement

How do you compare?

On an agreed periodic basis, we will generate and provide analysis on your digital marketing to pinpoint what is, and what isn't, working for your company. 

In addition, we can compare you to your top three competitors to ensure you maintain your competitive edge and adapt rapidly as an independent, dynamic merchant should. 

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