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Supporting the Independent Merchant

With access to decades of experience working with and marketing to your sector, with your trade journals and industry bodies, we have invaluable insight into the challenges faced by independent and smaller merchants.

We understand the challenges faced by companies like yours, and that time and enthusiasm for marketing is scarce, at best – at a time when it’s never been as important.

That's why, using our industry-leading tools and skills, we want to take the burden off your hands.

No more underselling yourself

Faced with the enormous marketing budgets of the nationals, how can you hope to compete effectively if your customers can't find you?

It's time to shout louder, work smarter, and stop underselling your business with poor PR. We aim to focus your marketing in your region, to your customers and prospects, echoing the strengths of working with a local, independent and trusted business or branch.

No more agency fees or contracts

Our overheads aren't your problem, so we won't eat into your profits to cover them, or tie you into a contract.


Our goal is to prove our value to your business so that you feel confident in working with us on a continual basis.

Our packages start from as little £400/month (under £20 a working day!) and can be scaled in both activity and scope to fulfil your agenda and tackle the current challenges as and when you feel fit.

No more hidden costs

We want you to know exactly what you’re getting for your money, so we're honest and upfront about our fees.

We ensure that marketing doesn’t have to be as complicated, or out of reach for independent merchants as some agencies might have you believe.

No more sporadic marketing

Consistency is key for your brand recognition and keeping you in front of your customers and prospects.


We'll help you build a customer base so loyal, that when they're ready to buy, there's only one merchant they could choose.

Not just for special offers

There's no arguing - businesses must have a social media presence to get noticed.

But a bad social media presence is worse than none. It makes you look unreliable, untrustworthy, and leaves customers looking for an alternative.

That's why we'll take the creation of ideas, content, scheduling and community engagement completely off of your hands to ensure your customers can find what they want, when they want, and where they want to see it.

As a builders merchant your suppliers may prefer to use platforms such as LinkedIn, as will your larger customers but the smaller builder will more likely refer to Facebook for their social media feeds which is why, when we post your articles, we automatically post across all the leading platforms.

Packages to suit you

We like to promote flexibility and transparency and that starts with the payment and packaging of our services.

We want you to know exactly what you’re getting for your money and to ensure that digital marketing doesn’t have to be as complicated, or out of reach for merchants as some agencies might have you believe.

from £400/month

Could include:

  • 6 social media posts

  • 2 articles

  • Submission to local press

  • Website updates and refresh

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Marketing for Merchants

Packages from just £400 per month

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