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Salesforce, the San Francisco-based software company, has announced it will purchase 280,000MWh of renewable energy certificates from small, distributed energy projects over the next eight years. They have committed to focusing on procuring projects in communities in Brazil, India, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia.

These projects, located in schools, hospitals, public service facilities, and disadvantaged communities, are hoped to help Salesforce in delivering on their UN sustainable development goals.

It’s also expected to accelerate clean electricity access in emerging markets and help maintain Salesforce’s commitment to match 100 percent of the electricity it uses with renewables.

They’ve joined forces with nine other leading companies in launching the Emissions First initiative, which calls for a shift in accounting standards to focus on decarbonization.

Megan Lorenzen, lead for the power sector decarbonization for Salesforce, said:

“Nearly 95 percent of corporate renewable energy purchases today take place in North America and Europe. We need to ensure the rest of the world isn’t left behind.
“Small, decentralized renewable energy projects can, in many cases, deliver greater impact than large utility-scale facilities. Especially in regions where energy access is limited, these projects can positively transform lives and communities around the globe.”

The renewable energy purchase is part of a larger effort by Salesforce to address climate change and work towards a more sustainable future. The company has set ambitious sustainability goals, including achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its entire value chain, using 100% renewable energy, and conserving or restoring 100 million trees by 2030.

Salesforce's commitment to global net zero and its investment in renewable energy is a significant step towards achieving a more sustainable future. The company's efforts are not only admirable but also set an example for other companies to follow.

By prioritizing sustainability and taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, companies can play a vital role in the global efforts to combat climate change.


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