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Oracle and Uber Technologies, Inc., yesterday announced a seven-year strategic partnership to accelerate Uber’s innovation, help deliver new products to market, and drive increased profitability.

With the aim of creating a more seamless and personalized experience for its users, Uber has chosen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as its primary platform for running workloads and optimizing operations.

This partnership will help Uber to focus resources on its core strengths and strategic initiatives by migrating some of the company’s most critical workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Unlike most of the technology sector, Uber had relied on its own server hardware until the disruptions of COVID-19 meant the company had to change its approach to lessen their reliance on hardware supply chains.

Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, stated:

"Uber is revolutionizing the way people, products, and services move across continents and through cities. To deliver on [our] promise for customers while building value for shareholders, we needed a cloud provider that will help us maximize innovation while reducing our overall infrastructure costs. Oracle provides an ideal combination of price, performance, flexibility, and security to help us deliver incredible customer service, build new products, and increase profitability."

The partnership with Oracle is a strategic move for Uber, as it will enable the company to further expand its business by leveraging the latest cloud technologies.

Oracle CEO, Safra Catz, said:

“Uber is expanding into a ‘go anywhere, get anything’ platform, and the company needed a cloud partner that shares a relentless focus on innovation. This landmark competitive win for OCI is further validation of the momentum and acceleration we are experiencing in the market. Enterprises, governments, and startups around the world are recognizing the differentiation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and experiencing our performance, security, and economic benefits versus other hyperscalers.”

In addition to the OCI agreement, the strategic partnership between Uber and Oracle encompasses various other collaborative areas. Oracle has chosen Uber as its preferred rideshare for its employees to travel and dine globally, as part of its global Uber for Business client program.

Moreover, the two companies will continue co-innovating on new retail and delivery solutions that will emerge from the cloud partnership, including last-mile logistics, to improve consumer experiences.


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